Part 5-I Yam What I Am And That’s All That I Yam!

Consider the following, should a white person be allowed to self-identify as a black person, simply because they say so? Should an assembly line worker be permitted to run the corporation, because they self-identify as the owner? Should a 14-year old be allowed to drive drunk on the bases they self-identify as a sober 21 years old? Is it permissible for a pedophile to molest a child because they self-identify a person with a genetic make-up to love children? Will the Olympic committee allow a man who self-identifies as a woman; compete in the Olympics as a woman? If so, why do they still check for DNA makeup of each competitor?

The NFL will no longer prohibit women from playing football against the 350 lbs. lineman, as women self-identify as football players. There will be no WBA or NBA because that is gender specific and not politically correct. Adults could self-identify as children. There could be the removal of laws dealing with date rape because men can self-identify as a person needing immediate sexual gratification. Sexual harassment could become a nonissue as sexual hostility in the workplace is replaced because people begin to do what seems right to them. Individuals could identify their behavior as part of their DNA, which cannot be stopped. Sexual deviant behavior should be accepted a normal behavior because a person cannot stop their behavior.

When and where do we draw the line? Researchers have revealed that one can associate with the LGBT group today and deny they are a participant in the LGBT lifestyle tomorrow. This is not true for the African American or other minority groups. Sure, a man can surgically become a woman by adding the anatomic parts. Doing so does not change the male DNA.  Even with testosterone injections, a woman may appear to be a man. Nevertheless, their DNA will continue to say she is a female.  No amount of makeup or makeovers can change the DNA.

To Be Continued…


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