Part 4-I Yam What I Yam And That’s All That I Yam!

Well for starters, there is no behavior associated with skin color or hair color for that matter. The color of one’s skin is determined by the DNA. Researchers have worked for years to determine a link between sexual orientation and DNA. While researchers can be found on both sides of this issue, the evidence is stacking up that there is no direct liWhiteheadnk between sexual orientation and the genetic makeup of an individual. Whitehead (2014) contended that genetics play only a minor factor at best.  Whitehead (2014) is an expert in biochemistry and statistics and spent 24 years working for the New Zealand government.

Whitehead (2014) is best noted for his study of identical twins. According to Whitehead (2014), identical twins have the same genes or DNA. Therefore, if one identical twin has the genetic makeup to exhibit homosexual behavior, then the other would be gay as well. This is not the case. Dr. Whitehead (2014) notes, an identical twin should have the same sexual attraction as their co-twin, but only about 11% of men and 14% for women exhibit the same behavior. From his research, Whitehead concluded that sexual orientatio
n is caused by non-shared factors, such as things that happen to one twin and not the other or personal response and interpretation of events. In the end, no one is born gay! If they are gay it is due to something post-birth. In other words, it is not nature that makes you gay; it is how you were nurtured.

The present political correctness police would have the American public believe that the LGBT community cannot help themselves, that they have a civil right to self-identify at their discretion. Which begs the question, if being LGBT is not genetic, and how one is nurtured ultimately makes the determination, do we as a nation continue to cater to the prevailing behavior that is exhibited? If the nation chooses to cater to this behavior, at what point to we “draw a line in the sand” and say that behavior will not be catered or tolerated?  This article does not advocate miss treatment of human life. According to our Constitution, all men are created equal. However, that does not mean that all behavior is protected behavior. Transgendered behavior is not protected behavior under the constitution. Many in America still know what is right and what is wrong.
There are laws that prohibit discrimination by the government, but individuals do not have to accept wrong behavior as right behavior.

To Be Continued…


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