I Yam What I Yam and That’s All That I Yam

Growing up in the United States offered some great and lasting memories. One such memory was watching Popeye the Sailorman on Saturday mornings. I remember getting up and turning on our 13 inch black and white television and watching as Bluto would always try to move in on Popeye’s girl, Olive Oyl and Whippy would always connive a way to pay Tuesday for a hamburger today. Popeye was not very politically correct. Olive was not feminist opopeyef the year, and Bluto was a real bully, always trying to get rid of Popeye so he could have Olive all to himself. All seemed lost for Popeye and Olive Oyl, but somehow,
Popeye would have his secret weapon, a can of spinach. Squeezing the can open, the spinach flies into his mouth, and Popeye turned into a superhero. Bluto was defeated and Olive Oyl would cry, “Oh Popeye, my hero. Then, Popeye would sing his theme song, “I’m Popeye the Sailorman, I’m Popeye the Sailorman, I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam! I’m Popeye the Sailor man. I’m Popeye the Sailorman, I’m Popeye the Sailorman, I’m strong to the finach, cause I eats me spinach, I’m Popeye the Sailorman” (Fleischer Studios, 1933).

The phrase, “I yam that I yam and that’s all that I yam” reveals much about humanity. We are what we are. Today, the present culture in America has moved far away from the non-political correct character of Popeye, by embracing new lyrics; “I yam what I think I yam.” This is due primarily to the self-identity movement springing out of the LGBT group. Self-Identity is defined as, “The quality that makes a person or thing different from others” (Merriam-Webster, 2016).

America is a nation in deep trouble, financially, politically, and spiritually. Other nations are flexing their might without concern of reprisal of America. Our nation refuses to accept that we are doing as all nations before us. Their rise and fall came about and America continues to walk the same path. America continues to fall in line with what is written in the Bible, “In those days Israel had no king; all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes” (Judges 21:25, New Living Translation). Doing what seems right in one’s own eye sounds extremely appealing. No rules, no one telling you what to do, after all, that is real freedom. Is it?

Take for example the recent decision by Target. They instituted a new policy that does away with gender specific bathrooms and changing rooms, all in the name of inclusiveness. Further, individual states, such as California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and the District of Columbia all have specific laws prohibiting discrimination against trans-gendered individuals.

To Be Continued…


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