Witnessing Made Easy-New E-Book

Witnessing Made Easy

A Godly Christmas Gift for All: NEWS RELEASE!

Free E-Book Provides Eternal Benefits for Lost Souls, Witnesses, and Churches

A free e-book, Witnessing Made Easy: Yes, You Can Make a Difference!, describes prize-winning methods for churches to increase witnessing by over 400 times through witnessing lessons during each church service and activity led by an in-congregation evangelist, developing powerful tools based on the congregation’s testimonies, and sharing those lessons and tools with other evangelists, pastors, and witnesses.

Hobart, Indiana (Christian Newswire) December 10, 2009 — Jubilee Worship Center and Step by Step Ministries are making available online free access to the new evangelism book, Witnessing Made Easy: Yes, You Can Make a Difference! (BookSurge, 2010) as a Christmas gift to all those who want to help save more souls in fulfilling the command in Christ’s Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). To read the book, go to (JWC link goes here) and http://www.step-by-step.org/witness.html

The book explains how any church (from the smallest to the largest) can accomplish 400 times more witnessing than it does now at little expense.

The changes needed are simple: Identify an anointed in-congregation Ephesians 4 evangelist to teach and encourage witnessing for five minutes during each church service and activity. From that beginning, almost everyone in the congregation will write a testimony, learn to share the testimony in writing and orally, begin to distribute books and audio versions of the congregation’s assembled testimonies, and support inexpensive witnessing training of the same sort in other congregations.

Coauthors Bishop Dale P. Combs, pastor of Jubilee Worship Center, and in-congregation evangelist Jim Barbarossa, cofounder of Step by Step Ministries, also offer free help to any witness or church to apply the methods described in the book.
The book is intended for those who don’t realize that Jesus commanded all Christians to witness, are afraid to witness, want to improve their witnessing, or wish to teach others to witness. Pastors will find information here to help them have a witnessing church.

In 2007, these methods were the first-prize winners in a global contest conducted to find more effective ways to help save more souls.

Here is the Upload for “Witnessing Made Easy”Witnessing Made Easy


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