Hot Dogs and Turning 50-Where is the Wisdom in That?

Since I have not written anything here lately, I thought it may be time to add a nugget of my bloggness (probably not a word).

There are many things that have gotten under my skin over the past few years that I need to just get off my chest. Perhaps you can relate in some way, for example-Why is it that when you go to the store and buy hot dogs you get 10 dogs but only get a package of 8 buns- Are two people suppose to put two dogs on one bun (A food I do not care for)? Of course not, they want you to by another pack of buns so the other 6 left over can be fed to the birds or stay in the bread box until you can send it to the biology lab and make penicillin out of it. Why is it, when you want to eat low sodium soup, they take out the salt and raise up the price? Perhaps they could sell the left over salt to the City of Chicago-They always have a salt shortage-they can make extra money and keep the price of soup low! Win-Win for us around the Lake. Why does Northwest Indiana have to be on CST and the rest of Indiana stay on EST time? Why does Northwest Indiana have to be Bears Fans and not Colts fans- Why is anyone a Bears fan (I think I just offended someone)? Why is energy wasted on the young-All they want to do is Sleep-all day! How does a brown cow, give white milk, and churn yellow butter? How does a peanut grow inside the shell? As you get older-why does hair grow more from your ears then your head? Why does your mind still see you as 16 when your actually 50?

Well now you know! I turn 50 this week-1/2 A century. If my mind is working correctly, that translates into- 18, 250 days or 438,000 hours or 26, 280,000 minutes or 1, 576, 800,000 seconds old! Ouch! Not bad for just starting out.

The idea of living to be a 1/2 century is not that bad at all. I am reminded of what the Bible says, Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time. Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.(Col. 4:5-6) It has always been a desire within me to be wise (not a wise guy) but to have wisdom-especially as I got older. looking over the my years of my life, I can see that I have not always been so wise. The word redeeming means-to make wise and it means-the sacred use of every opportunity for doing good…That is something to aspire to! The phrase let your speech be-seasoned with salt- No doubt my words are to be not too much-not to little-just right (perhaps that is what low sodium really means). After living for 1/2 a century, I pray I have the wisdom to know how to answer-not just have the answer! I am no longer the “Know it All” In fact-I am trying to learn from others, especially my Son, Daughter, wife and grandsons (It is amazing what a 3-year-old can teach you when you listen to them. I am ready to face the next 1/2 of my life should the Lord grant that to me). Perhaps, I will be a little wiser and much more graceful in my speech, maybe I will not worry so much about hot dogs and buns and even eat one once in a while–My Dad seems to think that one a day keeps ya healthy–not sure if that is so, but hey-he’s 73 and he loves the Chicago style dogs! There is no sense in fretting over the small stuff-besides,when I look into the eyes of the newest addition to our clan; our second grandson, Gabrien Kade, I am sure he will want a hot dog at some time too. I really want to be around to watch him enjoy it!


2 thoughts on “Hot Dogs and Turning 50-Where is the Wisdom in That?

  1. This was hilarious! Happy Birthday. Welcome to the next half. I did not feel nearly as humorous when I passed through this veil last month.

    Vienna Red Hots – Oh I miss those!

  2. Loved it, just a few years ahead of you… You will be like your Dad and onlygrow with grace and wisdom so nothing to worry about right! Besides don’t think any of us will be here toooo much linger with the way things are going. Until then thanks for the laugh.

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