Car Shows and Church Pews

The role of a Christian is not only to believe that the claims of Christ are true, they must be able to explain why the claims of Christ are true. Believers from the Old Testament time until this present age have had to give an answer for the hope that is within them. In every culture, Christian brothers and sisters face situations and are asked questions concerning the relevance of their faith in God

Every Christian at some point will encounter those who are skeptical, critical, or even cynical of God, the Bible, Christ, and Christianity. They will encounter a Muslim, Hindu, or a Mormon or Scientologist. For many, simple avoidance is how to deal with them. Others just want to pray them from darkness into the true light. Still others just shake their heads in disgust, wondering how one could believe such crazy lies. Many justify their position from the standpoint of misusing the Bible.  Sadly, the real reason many take such a closed-door approach is simply; they do not know how to give a reason for the hope they have in Christ.

A favorite past time of our culture is to admire the classic automobiles of the past. Car owners take great pride and care for their classics, bring them out of hibernation for seasonal shows. They rev up the engines, and show off their classic styles. At the end of the show, they drive the car up the ramp to the trailer, then off to home. At home, they park it under a protective covering until the next show. What a picture of many in Christianity. They arrive on Sunday, shined, polished, and looking good. They rev-up their engines for everyone to admire, once the show is over, they take their classic Christianity back to the safe place and park it under the protective covering of rest and comfort till the next show—all the while men and women of all ages are searching for answers to eternal questions.

There is a great need today for good apologetics within Christianity. Dr. Geisler argues, “The reason we need to defend the true religion is because there are false religions. The reason we need to stand for authentic Christianity is that there are counterfeit forms of Christianity.”[1] The present condition of the church and the culture warrants the necessity for apologetics.


[1] Norman L.Geisler. An Apologetic For Apologetics. Pg. 17


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